OT Rewards Program
It's FREE & Rewards accumulate immediately

The OT Rewards Program is the FREE....

and easy way to earn cash and promotional items on every dollar you spend. Each dollar earns House Credit that can be redeemed like cash on any purchases at OT.

You begin earning immediately and get your first reward of $5 after spending only $75. The rewards increase in value as dollars spent increase. You may redeem them at any time (max $20 per visit) just like cash off your check.

It's like getting paid back to have great food, drink, and fun with friends. So what are you waiting for? Ask your server and sign up today. Your information is for in-house use only and will not be shared with anyone.

There are no membership cards to carry. Just let your server know your telephone number and they will assign your rewards to your account. Simply check the bottom of your receipt (shown below) to see how much you have earned and make sure you have received the rewards under the correct guest name.

Sample Receipt

Dollars spent towards fulfillment: 50.00
Dollars needed to reach reward: 25.00

Customer: Your Name
Customer Balance: 15.00

Don't wait, sign up and start saving today!